“Mantis” Mech and Valhalla Remake Revealed: Are Mechs Necessary in Halo 4?


343 Industries, the team working on the newest Halo, revealed a new trailer this weekend, which showed the remake map of Valhalla, named Ragnark, and a Mech Warrior like vehicle called the Mantis.

The big surprise is of course the large mechanized robot. The gameplay looks cool enough. Everyone loves giant robots, they’re bad-ass. The cool factor of the mech is hardly the issue though. The problem is that we’ve already played games with mechs! Mech Warrior and MechAssault have already been made into great games.

The fundamental problem with Halo 4 featuring mechs is that it strays away from what has made the Halo series, Halo. Sure, there have always been vehicles at the center of combat in Halo, like the M808b Main Battle Tank (Scorpion), but this newest addition pushes it a bit far.

Its no secret that the Halo series has needed an adrenaline shot of originality, but simply adding a mechanized robot is hardly pushing the ingenuity button.

Sadly, the artificial freshness of the mech will wear off as quick as coning, a spinoff of planking. If the poor replication of Mech Warrior isn’t enough for you, just look how Gears of War 3 used a mech last year. Granted, its not quite on the same scale as Mech Warrior or even Halo 4’s Mantis, but it is relevant to the issue of producing new and original content.

The same problem of originality lies with Halo 4’s remake of Valhalla, Ragnark. The Halo series is known for using remakes for multiplayer, and fans love remakes of maps, if only for the nostalgic value, but it comes down to the simple fact that people will replay these maps if only to reminisce in memories of prior games. It’s time to try something different.

I’m sure, just like everyone else, the first thing I do will be to rush to the mech, but after a few days the mech will be forgotten and everyone will realize that they are playing Valhalla all over again.

And yes, in traditional Halo etiquette, I have thought about teabagging my first kill in Halo 4 with the mech.

Check out the new gameplay below and tell me what you think.

As a final note: dubstep in the trailer? I love dubstep, but if I haven’t made my point about originality clear enough, surely the music selection confirms what I’ve been saying. 

  1. Josh M. said:

    I agree with you. The inclusion of a mech is derivative and pointless.Halo 4, in general, looks to be just more of the same, anyway. In the shooter space, my eye is on BLOPS 2.

  2. Stalker said:

    Agreed, DUB doesn’t give the feeling of Halo epicness

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