Bioware’s Not So Ultimate Mass Effect Trilogy


Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy will be sold with varying amounts of DLC content, depending on which platform you decide to play on.

PC and Xbox 360 gamers can expect to get a hold of the trilogy with DLC on November 6th, while the date for the Playstation 3’s availability with DLC is TBA.

The PC version of the trilogy will include Mass Effect 1s Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station. Mass Effect 2 will include the Cerabus Network DLC, unlocking squad mate Zaeed and extra missions and weapons.

Mass Effect 3 will come with the game’s online pass, allowing players to access the multiplayer component.

The Xbox 360 will feature no Mass Effect 1 DLC. Mass Effect 2 will have the Cerabus Network DLC and Mass Effect 3 will come with the online pass.

The Playstation 3’s DLC content will be announced later.

EA has managed to do it again. Its almost incomprehensible how this company can continue to give its customers the short end of the stick again and again, but EA has found a solid method to their madness. Priced at $59.99, the trilogy hardly seems like a good investment, when buying all of the games separately would probably come out to be a equal, if not lower cost. The price of the trilogy, with the little amount of DLC provided, is a pretty poor gesture to the fans, or for those who were waiting out for the inevitable trilogy pack.

There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to EA’s decision to accommodate different amounts of content to all of the platforms. EA simply seems to believe that they have the financial backing to pick and choose how their content is divvied up among recipient consoles. While the Playstation’s DLC has yet to be announced, Playstation owners can rest assure that they will most likely receive extra content as well, though, it wont be anything special considering the Playstation’s lackluster record for DLC content.

What’s particularly odd about this situation is that Mass Effect 1 had originally been an Xbox 360 exclusive title. While the Playstation’s DLC content is still unknown, Playstation owners can be rest assured that they will be able to download the original game from the Playstation online store. The best guess at this point is that Microsoft’s exclusive rights to the first Mass Effect wore out recently, and EA is looking to profit. With Mass Effect 3 being featured as part of the starting lineup of the Wii U, there could be questions of whether the trilogy will be coming to Nintendo as well. 

The Mass Effect series has become a Frankenstein monster, given the amounts of ways gamers will be able to play now. Each platform provides a different version of the same games, substituting and stitching together content to create something that can be sold to the masses. Leave the trilogy alone, and show EA that you wont be putting up with there monstrous distribution of games anymore.


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